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Quantum Composers News

Laser Systems from Quantum Composers

03 December 2015, Posted in Products

DPSS Laser System

Laser Systems Tailored To Your Application

Quantum Composers understands that one laser will not fit all micromachining applications so we created a full line of Diode Pumped Solid State lasers to match your unique application and system. Our lasers offer the precision and reliability you need to assure a high quality end product with minimal downtime.

The 9730 Series High Current Pulse Generators from Quantum Composers

11 November 2015, Posted in Products

9730 High Current Generator

Our most capable current generator, the 9730 Series, provides users with the ability to generate highly precise current pulses, making this unit ideal for applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. 

Quantum Composers Synchronizers for Spectroscopy

04 November 2015

Spectroscopy Synchronizers

Quantum Composers' digital pulse and delay generators provide extremely precise synchronization signals to meet the demands of any spectroscopy application, including Laser Induced Fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF), Trace Gas Spectroscopy, and Laser Induced Breakdown (LIB) Spectroscopy.

The New LS635 Laser System from Quantum Composers

27 October 2015, Posted in Products

LS635 Laser System

The new Quantum Composers LS635 Laser System is perfect for a variety of applications including Mass Spectrometry, LIBS, PIV, TFT-LCD Panel Repair and more!

Pulse Generators: Solutions in Laser & System Timing and Synchronization

22 October 2015, Posted in Products

Sapphire Pulse Generator

Today we will take a look at some of the instruments in the Quantum Composers Pulse Generator line and see how they serve unique industries and applications.

Quantum Composers Attends Annual Hope and the Holidays Golf Scramble

30 September 2015, Posted in Industry News

Hope and the Holidays Golf Scramble 2015

Quantum Composers recently attended this year’s Golf Scramble to raise funds for families in need this holiday season. 

Quantum Composers Annual Academic Promotion!

22 September 2015, Posted in Products

QC 2015 Academic Promo

Demos available now as well as 10% off and Free Domestic Shipping for our Academic Customers!



Compact Pulse Generators in Research Applications

15 September 2015, Posted in Products

Compact Pulse Generators in Research Applications

Researchers Utilize the New Emerald and Sapphire Compact Pulse Delay Generators in Laboratory Studies

SPIE Estimated Worldwide Photonics Industry at $182 Billion Dollars

09 September 2015, Posted in Industry News

Market Strategist Steve Anderson  att the Optics+Photonics Expo

San Diego, Ca, At the Optics+Photonics expo SPIE  held a series of industry events to highlight the market changes in recent years. One of the largest highlights in these presentations was that of  Industry and Market Strategist Steve Anderson who  presented  a series of updates to the projections for the worldwide Photonics market share. 

Quantum Composers Federal Fiscal Year End Promotion!

03 September 2015, Posted in Products

Government Year End Offer

Now until Sept. 30th, get 10% Off & Free Shipping!

30 day QC pulse generator units are also available for demo now from Quantum Composers. Find one today that meets your application!



Micro-Machining Lasers & Instruments from Quantum Composers

14 August 2015


Quantum Composers laser division has design expertise in lasers, timing and full laser system design for micro-machining and industrial applications. 

Instruments for LIBS Applications

30 July 2015, Posted in Applications

LIBS Delay Generators

The use of proper timing equipment is a factor in every major research study but can particularly enhance the efficacy in a LIBS system. We carry a broad line of precision pulse generators, lasers, and laser accessories designed with spectroscopy applications in mind. 


Today in Photonic News: A New Laser Sensor That Can Monitor Blood Sugar

23 July 2015, Posted in Industry News

New Laser Sensor That Can Monitor People's Blood Sugar

A new laser sensor, developed by University of Leeds researchers, has the ability to measure blood glucose without skin penetration!

Quantum Composers Welcomes New Distributors: GKS Korea and Acexon!

16 July 2015

Photonics Resellers

Quantum Composers is happy to welcome our newest distributors Acexon and GKS! 

Quantum Composers new Laser Line Featured in Trade Magazines

10 July 2015, Posted in Products

DPSS Lasers & Mid-IR Lasers

For all those customers who have been long waiting to see more details on our new lasers, you can now check them out online and in magazines.

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