Instruments for Laser Ablation and Fluid Dynamics

10 March 2017, Posted in Applications

Laser Ablation Instruments


Quantum Composers offers multiple series of pulse generators perfectly suited for applications involving ablation:

9520 Series


Our 9520 Series Pulse Generator provides the utmost flexibility and performance in a bench-top digital delay pulse generator. It features 250ps timing resolution, 2-8 independent channels with a variety of modular options, low jitter and easy programming via front panel or computer control.


9530 Series


Our 9530 Pulse Generator provides the latest in laser timing and synchronization. Offering a unique 1U 19” rackmount package with all rear panel connections and, is well suited for integration into your timing and control systems.


This week we are featuring an application from Hong Kong University using our 9520 Delay Generator in Pulsed Laser Ablation!

Method And Apparatus For Measuring Amount Of Material Removed From Target In Pulsed Laser Ablation

Inventors: Yue Cai (Hong Kong, HK) Po Chun Chu (Hong Kong, HK) Nai Ho Cheung (Hong Kong, HK)
Hong Kong Baptist University
Class name: By mechanical waves acoustic parameter amplitude, power, or intensity
Publication date: 2013-01-31


Read more:
A method for measuring the amount of material removed from a target in pulsed laser ablation is provided. The method includes generating a laser beam with a laser generator for ablating the target; driving the laser generator with a delay generator; acquiring the acoustic signal generated when the target is being ablated by the laser beam and generating an electrical signal accordingly with a microphone; amplifying the electrical signal generated by the microphone with a pre-amplifier; displaying an acoustic waveform indicating the intensity of the acoustic signal generated when the target is being ablated by the laser beam with a digital oscilloscope connected to the delay generator and the pre-amplifier; and deducing the amount of material removed from the target in the pulsed laser ablation according to the acoustic waveform in real time. An apparatus for performing the method is also provided. VIEW MORE...


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