Quantum Composers Introduces New Mid-Infrared Lasers with Advances in Energy Stability

21 May 2015, Posted in Press Releases, Industry News

MIR Laser

Quantum Composers, has unveiled a mid-infrared laser featuring the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology. The MIR Lasers are in production and available for pre-order starting in May and will be displayed at the upcoming World of Photonics tradeshow in Munich. This Mid-IR Laser was created in partnership with Bridger Photonics Lasers and features a small form factor combined with robust components to create a laser with high output energy and reduced shot-to-shot energy jitter.

As medical and material based studies continue to grow in precision, labs throughout the world are faced with the problem of insuring precise control of delivered energy to avoid damaged samples and noisy results. In response to these dilemmas the MIR laser was designed with an ultra-stable, single longitudinal mode resonator coupled to a SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator). The diode pumped, single-mode operation enables very low pulse-to-pulse fluctuations, with good beam pointing stability. Typical shot-to-shot energy fluctuation is less than 0.5% RMS of the mean pulse energy. This advance will be key in many medical applications, LIDAR, LIBS and other spectroscopy projects where the energy and output stability are crucial.

As compared to other Mid-Range Infrared lasers in its class the new MIR is compact, robust and features an affordable price tag. The MIR Series Mid-Infrared Laser delivers >1 mJ, <10 ns laser pulses with factory-selectable infrared wavelengths from 1.5 microns to 4 microns. It offers software-selectable output pulse energies in a compact and robust package. This system is diode pumped, which eliminates the need for scheduled maintenance and water cooling. These features facilitate hassle-free integration into laboratory experiments, or for use as an OEM unit. This laser will also be used for LIDAR, PIV, medical, ablation, and mass spectroscopy applications.

Founder and CEO Mr. Steve Birrell says “with these new lasers you can take the OOPS out of your experiment by preventing inadvertent blasting through the revolutionary new SOPO system”.

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