The New MicroJewel Laser for Compact LIDAR Applications

04 November 2016, Posted in Applications, Products


Portability is the next new thing in LIDAR systems. Gone are the hundred pound, water cooled, cart units that took up too much space and were far too heavy for scanning and panning features. Modern LIDAR systems have, since 2005, been cut in half and then halved again in 2014 when aerial systems reached a peak in popularity. Future models of LIDAR systems will be reimagined with systems the size of a shoebox weighing no more than a hefty laptop.

Previous compact LIDAR systems often traded size for power, limiting their applications or use.  Think back when computers used to fill a whole room, that now fit in the palm of our hand.  Now replace a large, heavy and expensive technology with an equivalent one that’s a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper and the possibilities are endless.  Wasteful flash pump lasers are replaced by diode pumped systems with air cooling and standard 120v power supplies. 

Applications for new LIDAR systems are varied and intensely competitive. From weather, topography and field mapping applications, to the driverless vehicle, LIDAR technologies are expanding into the forefront of modern laser research. Other applications include extreme mounting solutions such as underwater vessels, drones and air balloons. The military has also jumped on the LIDAR bandwagon and has begun using LIDAR for urban mapping and scanning in search and rescue and combat missions. Being able to quickly and safely map forests and even mines can protect the lives of rangers, law enforcement officers and search teams.

The Quantum Composers MicroJewel Laser was inspired by researchers developing compact LIDAR systems who needed green lasers that were much smaller and lighter than the industry was offering.  Current lasers with their power supply were too large and heavy, with power consumption not accommodating battery operated systems. With the MicroJewel, researchers have a laser small enough to help them reduce the size and costs of their portable systems  while allowing Li-Ion battery to be used.  This laser fits in the palm of your hand and has a power pack the size of a standard laptop allowing for integration in a virtually endless array of systems.

More information can be found on the MicroJewel DPSS Nd:YAG 1064nm laser at the following link:

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