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LIBS Synchronizers


LIBS Synchronizers
Application page that gives information for using Quantum Composers Digital Delay Pulse Generators in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.
LIBS Timing & Synchronicity

Timing is a variable in every LIBS application and proper synchronization between the laser and detector and ICCD can greatly enhance the efficacy of a system.

LIBS & Quantum Composers' Pulse Generators

Digital Delay Generators are important devices in all LIBS experiments due to the need for precise timing between the laser and the detector. The use of a Pulse Generator can set the duration of detector gate, set the time between laser firing, and coordinate them for dual pulse applications. They can also be used to determine the rate and number of pulses for a multiple pulse setting.

Pulse Generator Features

Multiple pulses from one laser or firing of several lasers DDG burst function allowing Low energy multiple pulses Dual pulse methods have improved the limits of detection for many LIBS applications Sequencing enables synchronizing several lasers with a single detector via a multi-channel DDG Timing is a variable in every LIBS application and proper timing can greatly enhance the efficacy of a system.

Why a Precision Pulse Generator is Necessary for LIBS

The dynamics of the laser plume/plasma in LIBS determines the optimal time to take measurements. The vapor plume expands after the laser, then two shockwaves – in the background gas region and in the vapor plume occur, then from a few µS to tens of µS, the plume experiences radiative heat loss. Dynamic changes occur with time. Bottom line – wavelength, type of sample, laser energy, laser width, your detector configuration – all affect the optimal time to take a measurement.

Precise configurations of your timeline for measurement are essential to the quality of data. These Digital delay generators will allow you to record your settings in its memory banks so that your research is repeatable and verifiable.

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