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9710 Series Digital Delay Current Generator

The 9710 Current Pulse Generator is an ideal fire set for squib, detonator, and pyrotechnics initiator testing.

    200 ns Timing Steps
    Up to 25 amps per Channel
    2 or 4 Channel Outputs
    Benchtop Design
    Easy Programming Interface
    TTL Sync output to T0
    Safety Interlock
    Full Customer Support
    2 Year Warranty

Please contact us to receive a quick quote or to outline your application if our commercial products do not exactly fit your needs. We can discuss customized solutions for you.


  • Channels: 2 or 4 Independent Channel Outputs
  • Resolution: Up to 25 amps per channel
  • Memory: 12 Storage Slots
  • Comm Ports: RS232, GPIB
  • Service: 2 Year Warranty, Integration Assistance, 30 Day Demo, Available for Rental, Full Customer Support.

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