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OEM & Custom Design


For more than 20 years, Quantum Composers has been helping customers integrate technology into custom systems and designs.  From product branding to full laser system integration,  let us turn your ideas into reality with our resources and expertise to develop laser systems.

Laser Systems:

Our engineers assist customers in integrating
technology into custom systems and designs; from
product branding to fully custom laser systems.

System Features:
  - Dual or Multi-Wavelength Systems
  - Independent or Dual Attenuation
  - Fixed or Adjustable Polarization
  - Beam Blending
  - Video Microscope Unit

Optional Items:
  - Turret
  - Z-Axis
  - Energy Meter
  - Autofocus

Additional Features Include: Self-Diagnosing Software, Swappable Resonators and Diodes with minimal alignment or adjusting, and optional Bluetooth interfacing capability.

Common applications include: Ablation, LIBS, PIV, Cell Repair, Mass Spectrometry
and TFT-LCD Panel Repair.


For more information on custom design or OEM branded products please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Cell Gen Medical Laser

      Cell Gen Medical Laser

      Quantum Composers Custom Laser System - A laser system designed for therapy using light induced bio-stimulation. With this, Quantum Composers has transitioned from the development and prototype phase into production and manufacturing for commercial distribution. The laser therapy process has already been used in the medical field with positive results in rehabilitation for a wide variety of injuries and ailments. This high density laser therapy system is clinically proven to greatly improve recovery time through clinical trials.
    • Equilasers Custom Laser System

      Equilasers Custom Laser System

      EDW-15 and EDW-25 Desktop Laser Welder - EDW-15 Desktop Laser Welder is a self-contained, compact system designed for precision joining of metallic parts. The welder delivers precise, low energy output with variable pulse widths which, combined with the capacity of an extremely small spot size (down to 40 microns diameter), give the user a way to manufacture truly miniature components for minimally invasive medical devices, embedded sensors, hard-drive components, and high density electrical contacts.
    • System Laser Sight

      System Laser Sight

      Quantum Composers Custom Laser System LaserSight Technologies Inc. - Lasersight's Erbium technology leads the market in design innovation and experience in manufacturing and service. The CrystaLase Erbium 2 has consistently proven itself as the Erbium Laser that is easier to use, has the highest power available, and produces greater tissue effect for cosmetic surgery
    • System Analog Laser System

      System Analog Laser System

      Quantum Composers Custom Laser System Analog Modules, Inc. - Pulsed Flashlamp Drivers - AMI has developed a complete family of microprocessor driven controllers for solid-state lasers. Based on a modular design approach, each controller is optimized for a given application or specific customer need. This series provides a capacitor charging power supply, fixed or variable pulse-forming networks, simmer supply, and all the electronic circuitry needed to drive flashlamps for pumping solid-state lasers.

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