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MIR Mid-Infrared Lasers

Mid-IR Solid State Diode Pumped Lasers

The MIR Series was created in partnership with Bridger Photonics lasers and offers factory-selectable output pulse energies in a compact and robust package. This system is diode pumped, which eliminates the need for scheduled maintenance and water cooling. These features facilitate hassle-free integration into laboratory
experiments, or for use as an OEM unit.

Applications Information:

Applications for the MIR Series include ablation and ionization for mass spectrometry, mid-IR spectroscopy, remote sensing, and LIDAR. These applications benefit from the MIR Series’ high pulse energy, single-mode emission, and user-friendly, turn-key operation.


  • - Factory selectable emission from 1.5 to 4 microns
    - Single longitudinal mode pump
    - Compact form factor (3.5”x6”x8”)
    - <10 ns (<6ns typical) pulse durations
    - >1 mJ (>1.2mJ typical) max pulse energy
    - Programmable pulse energy
    - 10 or 20 Hz repetition rate
    - <1% pulse energy fluctuations
    - M2 < 5 beam quality standard (M2< 3 optional)
    - No water cooling required

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